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The library contains several parameter controls. You can use them as source of data for parametrized queries in Data Source controls, like the SqlDataSource, LinqDataSource etc.


Gives name/code of curent UI culture (specified in settings or got from browser).
Use the SpecificationType property to specify which kind of culture identifier the control will return:
  • Name, ie. "čeština"
  • EnglishName, ie. "Czech"
  • TwoLetterISOLanguageName, ie. "cs"
  • ThreeLetterISOLanguageName, ie. "ces"
  • ThreeLetterWindowsLanguageName, ie. "CSY"


Gives the ProviderUserKey of currently logged membership user. The type and value depends on the membership provider.
If the user is not logged in, DefaultValue is returned.


Gives user name of current user. If the user is not logged in, DefaultValue is returned.


Modified QueryStringParameter. If the value is not syntactically correct for given type, returns DefaultValue instead of throwing exception.


Similar to standard SessionParameter, returns item from the HttpContext.Items collection. Key name is specified in ContextItemField property.

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