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This project aims to creating set of simple but powerful ASP.NET web controls for users who wish to use declarative programming approach. The main objectives of this project are:
  • Simple controls automating common tasks and thus extending possibilities of declarative UI design.
  • Maximum compatibility with ASP.NET standards and general infrastructure, such as membership, themes etc. Don't reinvent the wheel.
  • The resulting XHTML code should be light, semantic and CSS-stylable.
I'm using similar set of controls for years privately. Now I'm cleaning the code up and releasing the controls for general public.

Install using NuGet

I recommend using NuGet for installing this toolkit. Latest version is always available in the official NuGet feed. Package ID is Altairis.Web.UI.

Included controls

  • AutoModeFormView and AutoModeDetailsView - modified FormView and DetailsView for master/detail scenarios.
    • Can automatically change its mode between Insert and Edit, according to parameters it got.
    • After performing desired operation, can redirect to given page.
    • Can alter page title depending upon its mode.
  • CookieStoreExtender - extender control for remembering textbox value in cookie
  • DataPagerExtender - different approach to paging records in IPageableItemContainer control such as ListView, including routing support
  • DateLabel - modified Label for better displaying of date and time values.
    • Different format strings for yesterday, today, tomorrow and other dates for more user friendly approach.
    • You can define a "null" date (DateTime.MinValue by default) and render special text for it, ie. "unspecified".
  • DateTimeValidator - validator capable of validating date including time value (standard CompareValidator can validate date only)
  • EllipsisHyperLink and EllipsisLabel - can shorten display text if is too long.
  • Gravatar - support for Gravatar icons
  • HierarchicalRepeater - generic universal templated hierarchical repeater control
  • HostNameLabel - displays partially anonymized IP address or host name
  • IconHyperLink - single control for displaying icon/text combo, with resource embedded 1000 Silk Icons.
  • IconLinkButton - button control with resource embedded 1000 Silk Icons.
  • IpAddressValidator - validation control used for validating entry of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • MessageView - implementation of Viewcontrol, used when displaying simple text messages
  • NamingPanel - "empty control" (Panel implementing INamingContainer), used for ClientIdMode=static scenarios
  • PageTitle - used for setting page title declaratively, ie. from data binding
  • Parameters - additional parameter sources for parametrized queries: UI culture, membership user name, membership provider key, better query string, HttpContext.Items collection
  • ReCaptcha - server control for using the ReCaptcha service
  • UsersDataSource and RolesDataSource - for declarative approach to membership and roles
  • UserNameValidator - can validate if entered text is/isn't existing user name

Documentation for the controls is being built incrementally, be patient, please.

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